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GUT FEST Berlin 2017!

SHOW YOUR Gut Reaction!

June 29th and 30th 2107 at ZUKUNFT Theater (BERLIN) , GUT REACTION presents the GUT FEST!

A series of unique performances in 2 days special event! Unconventional is better!


We are looking for groups, companies and single performers in all kind of fields to show THEIR "Gut Reaction" on stage during the first edition of the Festival this coming June.

We are looking for ENERGY and CONCRETE ART.. not just a bunch of stuff thrown there to fill the time or being "arty". Something you feel in your stomach and you "vomit" on stage.

Send us your application!       (DEADLINE May 2107)



It´s a primitive response to external stimuli, occurring before reason has a chance to modulate one´s behavior.


As you most likely know, there is a lot of funding and performance opportunities for artists in Germany. Mostly, though, for those that are really good in filling in tons of abstract applications which usually reward good writing rather than quality and originality. Also, it is very tough to find agencies to manage the booking of acts that do not conform with one category and get proper visibility.

OUR goal is to allow talented new interdisciplinary realities to display their work in a very energetic and one of a kind festival and join forces doing something different. We should not compete, we are all together on the same boat and we can learn, grow and collaborate.


Projects that go beyond the comfort zone, very dynamic and energetic (even better if at least two or ore arts are mixed together) in a show the blows the audience´s mind away. Away from everything else and from their cellphones, just focused on what´s happening on stage! No Philosophic things, just real things.

This will be the first edition of the festival and details are still work in progress, but if you think you are a unique performer or performance company and you´d love to be part of this "mission", we would love  to hear from you!

Please contact us with a sample of your work, and whatever extra information, trough this current website, Facebook page or e-mail (

We can´t wait to read and see what you´René Eger doing and start collaborating with you!


Marco & Giulia, GUT REACTION 

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