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GUT REACTION  for your special event!

Whether you are planning a meeting, a seminar, a company dinner or simply a party; We can be the very solution to entertain your clients and guests. The length and typology of the performance are perfectly adapted to your needs.

Music and/or dance and/or painting are at disposal to create a unique moment at the maximum quality. The offered repertoire can be personalized; giving moreover the opportunity to vary the arts utilized depending on your necessities.

We often performed with the ELECTRONIC DRUMS: Volume Control is not a problem anymore.


     Tel: +49 179 8524963


UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2015 FINALS, BerlinFashion Week (Jan2015), Expo 2015, Mont Blanc, Dance Expo 2011, 15° World Kendo Championship, Aquarium Berlin, RBB TV (Wilkommen Zu Bleiben), Megaro Musikì (Athens), Deutsche Historisches Museum, Schloss Charlottenburg, 25th International Tattoo Convention, Sigue Sigue SPUTNIK Electronic, The Fuzztones, Therion's members, COMEME' RECORDS, Performances all over Europe and planned worldwide.


*Is the project very flexible? Which kinds of shows do you offer?

We've decided since the very beginning to embrace the most different kinds of shows; flexibility is certainly one of our main characteristics.

We work in multiple directions maintaining our philosophy,professionalism and artistic identity.

*Is it possible to chose multiple types of shows during the event?

The beauty and uniqueness is indeed the possibility to create the right atmosphere and entertainment at the right moment. It's possible to have, for example, a music lounge intro for the aperitif, live painting or body painting with soft music during the dinner, and an engaging composition of dance and music after dinner. We are strong of a repertoire made of hundreds of songs ranging from the 50's to our days; the sound and choreographies will allow the creation of a special situation in constant evolution that will make a real impact.

*In which locations do you perform?

We perform all over the world in the most different places (in-door & Out door); the work is SITE SPECIFIC: the show is adapted specifically to the place and audience of each event.

*What is your line-up? Do you have a fixed ensemble?

Our team is totally flexible: YOU DECIDE! Only music (one musician, duo, trio, quartet or more) or dance (one, two, three or more) or live and body painting. All different combinations are possible and highly suggested to make your event one of a kind!

*Which instrumentation do you need? Is the organization complicated?

We have all the necessary equipment. For particular and specific kinds of requests don't hesitate to ask us. We'll be happy to find the best solution for you and with you. Rapidity, efficiency and quality are at the core of our professionalism.

*How much space do you need on stage for the show?

The necessary space varies strictly depending on the kind of show required. We perform in settings and locations of any dimension, big and small. Finding the best practical and aesthetic solution in accord to your needs will not be a problem.

Why choosing YOU for an event?

We are professionals in the field and strong of a big web of collaborators in the various arts, and we can guarantee quality and professionalism embracing the needs and expectations of the clients.

It will be our care to make sure there's the very atmosphere required, honored to collaborate with you in the creation of a special event.

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